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Professional Karate Commission

• Two-Time Hall of Famer 
  (Once for Instructor of the Year)
• Featured in World's Marital Arts
  Hall of Fame & Ohio Black Belt Hall of Fame

We Train Hard, And We Train To Win

Why us?

Because we can help you Protect yourself from potential harm by training with our licensed martial arts and self-defense instructor. here at The American Karate Academy of Akron offers a fantastic martial arts program for men ,women and children, specializing in after school programing for kids of all ages.  our licensed instructors have studied for at lease two years with 5th-degree black belt or above, , and they have more than 40 years' combined experience. As a result, you receive exceptional training for your ultimate self-defense and martial arts expedience. Contact us now at (866) 614-8156 to speak with a licensed self-defense instructor about your personal safety program.

What we offer

Empty Hand Security Defense Class

Don't get caught off-guard and become a victim of crime. At The American Karate Academy of Akron, we teach the American Street Self-Defense System for men and women alike. This program offers basic self-defense techniques to ward off offenders. We offer private as well as  group sessions, and we also provide seminars and workshop to corporate America.

Child Safety

Enroll your little ones in our martial arts program and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing they are being taught by qualified self-defense instructors. We offer children's programs focusing on behavior modification, self-confidence, self-control, and discipline to build leadership skills.  we also work with children with disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, and physical impairments to help guide them through more difficult times in life.


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